Cats are such good pets to have! They are these little furry balls of happiness that you get to watch grow and develop to become independent caring cats.  

When interviewed, 73% of people preferred cats over dogs. The dominating reason for this was the cats’ “fluffiness” and how “cute” they were. One person replied to the question with: “Everything, I love cats! They are cute, fluffy, playful and silly, but can also be snuggly.” As well as this, 93% of people who were interviewed said that they feel happy when they see cats, showing how appealing cats are to humans. Out of all these people, 47% of people owned a cat and 40% of the people wanted to own a cat in the future if possible. 

Cats are very practical pets, as they: bathe, walk and go to the bathroom all by themselves. As well as this, cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day. This means that they are very low maintenance and can be easily accustomed to. Cats are quite independent animals and do not need too much attention, they only need to be fed and cuddled! 

However, cats still love affection and time spent together with their owner, as they are very friendly most of the time. Even though there is a rumor that cats are always moody, that is not necessarily the case, in reality, cats are very gentle and patient especially around little children. Cats try to show their love to their owners by purring and rubbing their cheeks against the owner’s leg. In truth, they are sometimes very clingy, such as following you about or snuggling up next to you at night. 

Factually, cats are proven to reduce anxiety and negative emotions, as well as alleviate loneliness and help to regulate their owner’s feelings. It has been discovered that cats' purrs have some healing powers for humans, for example they lower blood pressure and improve breathing. Also, cats give you a sense of responsibility over another living thing, giving you an emotional attachment as if the cat was your child. 

In conclusion, cats are amazing pets to have. Instead of saying that dogs are a man’s best friend, we should really be saying that cats are the best part of a man’s family!