I have just read the article on the roundabout issue in Court road Oprington and wanted to add if I may my support to that reader who can see a potential accident black spot now.

We have waited months for this road to be open fully.

The chaos it caused and then when I saw the mess the contractors had made of the junction and the state of the two roundabouts that lay ahead I was shocked.

I have lived in orpington all my life 40 odd years and never quite seen such a mess as this one, well done Bromley for accepting that proposal.

It was it built by someone who does not drive obviously thats what they normally do, an accident waiting to happen was the words that came out after they eventually got it open, to my friends and family I advised them not to go that way in future.

A slightly off set roundabout would have been the answer big enough so everyone gets a chance at getting around in one piece it must of cost us tax payers a fortune as they spent months trying to build it and now look, I have to use this road every night and can honestly say I'm just waiting for the first crash hope its not me.

I was going to write in about the appalling driving in Orpington these days and how its got worst and that so many people seem to have forgotten how to be courteous on the roads with safety in mind of course, roundabouts seem to be a problem with some drivers at the best of times so this is going to give them a run for their money.

Could I also add that anyone using the roundabout at Hewitts just down the road from this one, can they please observe the correct lane when going to Orpington from Badgersmount as i constantly get cut up every night with people not taking note of what lane you are suppose to be in even black taxies seem to be getting it wrong and the police, so this is my concern and with any other roundabout construction is going to cause a few problems.

Ruth Knott, Orpington