Bramble blossom bumble bees and butterflies, what a delightfully colourful summer combination.

The pale pink or white flowers are rich in nectar and attract a wide variety of insects in mid-summer.

Notable among the butterflies attracted to it are comma(pictured), ringlet, one species whose population has increased markedly in the past couple of decades, red admiral, meadow brown and occasionally white butterflies will also visit.

Although bramble bushes may all look rather similar, there are about two thousand varieties and sub-species.

Often the leaves can be seen with a white meandering line which is the work of a micro-moth whose caterpillars 'mine' the leaves between the cuticles .

Large stands of bramble bushes also prove attractive to nesting birds, especially whitethroats, blackcaps and thrushes.

Then of course later in the summer as the blackberries ripen birds, foxes, and badgers relish the berries as we do when we pick a basket full of the tasty berries.

When the berries eventually ferment, speckled wood butterflies, wasps and flesh-flies imbibe the sweet juices so all in all, the bramble is indeed a most bountiful bush.