I note with incredulity the recent building of two mini roundabouts on the main road from Court Road Orpington to Sevenoaks.

If this is Bromley Council's answer to highway regeneration or speed and accident prevention at the Warren Road junction then this is very unwise.

There will so obviously be more accidents and injury through misjudgement as well as significant congestion at peak times.

Orpington residents have already witnessed the narrowing of the road by the train station and therefore greater levels of restricton to traffic to in both lanes which permeate down to the high street.

Surely the transport planning department have foreseen these aspects.

The A224 scheme is ridiculous and in my opinion as a former TFL employee both dangerous and futile.

A far better theocracy would be the instigation of recording speed cameras at relevant points in the vicintiy.

This proposal would not only deter offenders but administer a revenue either, after intention was proved or a successful prosecution.

I suggest Bromley Council begin to record the acccident rate and obstruction complaints with immediate effect.

This is not a traffic calming measure, can be regarded as highly detrimental to road safety and has not been planned with foresight.

I think the highway planning department shall find that numerically the accident rate could well exceed any figure occurring before construction. Presumably the local authority undertook the usual consultation process. If that is the case then very few Orpington residents knew about the proposals.

I respectively suggest that Bromley Council revert to the previous road design which served the area well since the 1920s and spend the significant amount of money on well-thought schemes elsewhere.

Tony Hart,