With reference to Mrs C Runcorn's letter of November 2. I often read letters from Mr D Walters and replies and I'm just appalled to read how opinionated and hurtful people can be, almost as hurtful as the foxes on D Walters side and the yobs on Mrs Runcorn's side.

It was really unbelievable to tell Mr Walters to get a life, when he took time to write, and yet Mrs Runcorn wrote concerning foxes both for and against - then wanted to move in with him, so obviously like a vixon, whe's sitting on the fence!

As for yobs, well you can call the police on the yobs, but you can't call the police on a fox who keeps a child awake all night long screaming.

Also, a yob eventually returns home - if Mr Walters moved home, he would get foxes in his new home so why doesn't Mrs Runcorn move to a place without yobs and open a fox sanctuary?

I'm sure she'll swap the noise of yobs who have nowhere to go, so let's feel sorry for the yobs ... we've had our youth and they deserve theirs.

Get a life yourself Mrs Runcorn, put your opinions to good use - open a fox sanctuary or a youth hostel!

As for Bill Leman, I've read as I've said both sides of the argument and I feel that D Walters is an animal lover and feeds birds, enjoys his garden that he works hard in but draws the line on vermin.

Do you feed pigeons? If so why? Do these people who think Mr Walters is so moany know what certain wildlife carry as in germs etc? If so I doubt they would feed them or be so opinionated on our humane Mr D Walters.

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