Here we go again, having a go at foxes, (Star Letter, October 5).

Firstly, the emotive words "vicious killers" but wait a mo, cats, dogs, tigers, lions, wolves, bears et al, are all "vicious killers" - predatory carnivores!

How many times do we hear of dogs biting children (or biting adults) far more than foxes?

No need to mention man's (both past and present) viciousness! Thankfully not all humans are alike.

Then we got the emotive "vermin" which has been used by some to describe not only certain animals but also Africans, Asians, Jews, gypsies etc. Using these words makes it easier for inhumane treatment to be used.

Why care what happens to "vermin"? It gives excuses for evil (do we sense a link with the hunting lobby here?).

if people have problems with any wild animals, there are humane ways of dealing with them.

The fox, along with many wild animals, is a beautiful creature. We should appreciate all our creatures and all our peoples.

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