Readers of the News Shopper will be concerned to know that the European Parliament is soon to vote on proposals which could mean that millions of animals will be subjected to powerful chemicals applied to their skins, dripped in their eyes and fed to them in huge and toxic doses.

This is intended to assess the safety of tens of thousands of chemicals including those present in everyday use such as paint and floor cleaners.

Although crucial that safety tests are carried out, there are many effective and humane ways available, instead of irrelevant and inhumane use of animals which does not give accurate results for humans.

Amendments backing non-animal techniques have been proposed and MEPs from the south-east area will be voting on this proposal very soon.

I would suggest that MEPs for the south-east write to the News Shopper to assure voters that they will be backing the humane and modern alternatives and helping to prevent this catastrophe for animals.

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J Etherington, Mackenzie Road, Beckenham