Regarding the letter from D Walters about foxes, I take exception to him saying Trevor Williams, the fox expert, was talking rubbish - the woman who left her rabbit unattended in the garden, knowing foxes were around, did not show any intelligence.

Foxes are wild animals, and will kill smaller animals to survive, anyone with any sense knows that. They are looking for food to feed themselves and their cubs, which is only natural.

If you have rabbits, chickens etc, they should be inaccessible to foxes.

Mr Walters needs to find something really important to write about, there are many more important issues in this borough than the fox population.

They are doing no-one any harm, if only people were not so mean-minded and put a bit of food out for them, you would get a lot of pleasure from them.

Mr B Taylor, Oakwood Avenue, Barnehurst