I AM writing regarding recent letters concerning foxes, both for and against.

They remind me of a letter on the subject I wrote which was published in News Shopper around two years ago.

It was headlined Give Me Foxes Any Day Over So-called Humans.

I cannot believe two years on there are still people like Doug Walters, whining on about how terrible foxes are.

It is more than evident to everyone else this borough is heaving with so-called humans, otherwise known as yobs, who make our lives a nightmare more than any fox could ever do.

Are you living on another planet, Mr Walters? If so, can I move in with you?

Perhaps you have not noticed the number of morons, usually wearing baseball caps, racing their cars at 90mph down our roads and hurling beer bottles and take-away cartons into people's gardens and onto roads and pavements.

They shout and holler outside our windows at all hours of the night, smashing and scrawling over bus stands, causing general mayhem and terror everywhere.

I don't remember seeing any foxes involved in these mindless acts.

This borough now has a serious yob culture. They are everywhere, causing residents a lot of distress. If anything needs eradicating it is these pea-brained idiots.

As for you Doug Walters, if all you have to moan about is a few foxes, you need to get a life.

Let the council organise a yob cull. I am sure many residents would eagerly take part.

Let's get rid of scum, then maybe we can all have a better quality of life and not live in fear, as we do at the moment.

I will say it again. Give me foxes any day over so-called humans. And leave the foxes alone.

Mrs C Runcorn, Faraday Road, Welling