ONCE again fox hater Mr Walters has voiced his opinions about trying to persuade people to believe foxes are evil.

The animal lovers of this country have a lot more sense and will not listen to the rubbish you preach.

He mentions a lady who gives excellent reasons why foxes should be killed, because a fox attacked and killed her rabbit.

While I sympathise with the lady, because I love all animals, I must inform her that it is natural for foxes to attack and kill rabbits. It is also natural for a cat to attack and kill a bird.

I suppose, Mrs Stering, this is OK. Or would you and Mr Walters like a cull on cats as well as foxes.

Mr Walters, I do believe you will find not only the Fox Project but all wildlife organisations ask us to throw our gardens open to all our wildlife. What a wonderful idea.

Although foxes do not come into my garden, hundreds of birds do to feed, along with hedgehogs, frogs and a dormouse.

How wonderful our wildlife is. Especially our foxes.

Bill Leman, Hall Place Crescent, Bexley