WHAT absolute tosh was written in the letter Don't Be Foxed By Killers' Cute Face (News Shopper, October 5).

Foxes are yet again the target of persecution and wrong accusation.

Ask any wildlife expert such as Bill Oddie, Chris Packham and Simon King or go to their websites and they will confirm foxes will not bite or attack unless cornered, injured or frightened.

My elderly parents befriended and have fed a family of foxes for years. They get so much enjoyment watching them.

They are used to my parents' presence when putting food down but will wait in hiding and come out to feed when my parents have left.

However, they will run away if my parents return, so they are not quite so brave and hostile as is being suggested.

We have to remember we see foxes more commonly and frequently in urban areas because we humans have destroyed their natural environment with our concrete jungles.

As far as the accusation the fox is a killer, I suspect there is an underlying motive.

The sleeping baby bitten by a fox in Dartford a couple of years ago was an attempt by the family to be rehoused.

Bruce Lindsay-Smith is a wildlife control expert, so I gather his statement was to ensure he had work coming his way! I wonder what motive the family of the seven-year-old was?

For goodness sake, we have lived side by side with wildlife since time began. Let us try to make it a respectful, harmonious co-existence.

We all have a right to be here.

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