I HAVE very carefully read the replies to my letter of September 21 (How Long Before A Fox Kills A Human?), there is a severe problem with the suburban fox which requires sensible and constructive discussion. Sadly this is missing from all the letters.

Elsewhere in your paper an article appeared from a lady who gives excellent reasons why foxes should be culled due to their entirely unacceptable levels of behaviour in her garden (Call For Cull After Rabbit Is Attacked, News Shopper, October 4).

You asked a wildlife worker, John Bryant, who has close connections with Trevor Williams of the Fox Project to give his opinions.

I have previously had to correct this animals extremist for deliberately talking utter rubbish but have obviously not had much success.

He glibly says the Government has long stopped fox culling programmes because they proved a complete waste of money and had no success at all.

This is a complete stack of lies as well he knows.

Culling was temporarily halted by the Association of London Boroughs when it was persuaded by animal extremists to trap and relocate foxes or use deterrent chemicals, making killing unnecessary.

Plus the financial savings the cash-strapped councils would gain.

The first cure was quickly dropped because it was claimed to lead to the eventual death of the fox and the second seldom works.

The rest of his remarks are utter rubbish and do not warrant comment. He arrogantly remarks Rebecca Stening has no intelligence whatsoever, which is typical of the way fox extremists and the Fox Project verbally assault complainants.

They firmly believe people should turn their gardens over to the suburban foxes and they have no human rights whatsoever to run their gardens in the way which they want.

Halfway Street