HERE we go again, the start of silly season, Mr Walter telling us that foxes are evil and will kill our children (How Long Before A Fox Kills A Human? News Shopper, September 21).

What a lot of rubbish. He preaches once a year, he is calling for a cull on foxes because the population is growing and they are vicious killers who attack our children.

I find it difficult to believe a seven-year-old girl was in her bedroom when a fox bit her. Experts will confirm foxes are very shy and will not attack unless cornered or protecting their young.

I can remember the last story printed in the paper about a baby being attacked by a fox, it was found out later a dog was responsible not a fox. Once again the poor fox getting the blame.

If the wildlife control expert, Bruce Linsey-Smith is such an authority, he should have stated the average fox only lives six months and lots are killed in traffic accidents, which keeps the population down.

Also, there are far more of our children bitten by dogs than by foxes perhaps Mr Walters would like a cull on dogs as well?

Its about time we human beings realised our wildlife is very precious and should be protected, not destroyed by those evil thinking few.

Hall Place Crescent