SADLY there is another authentic case of a child being bitten by a fox.

Georgia Wright, seven, was in bed when the fox bit her.

Wildlife control expert Bruce Lindsay-Smith said: "A sleeping child moves about and a fox will bite because it thinks it might be food."

We all know what vicious killers these animals are and it is only a question of time before a child will be killed by a fox.

As Mr Lindsay-Smith said: "Some people in towns don't see them as a pest and because of the animal rights movement, most councils have stopped controlling them."

The vast majority of people do not want to see a mass cull but the reintroduction of selected culling where it can be proved necessary.

When selected culling was allowed, fox problems were kept down.

Sadly, it is necessary as the fox has no predators so numbers will increase until ultimately it has to be officially reclassified as vermin.

Foxes continue to be culled privately, often suffering considerably at the hands of cowboy operators.

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