WHY doesn't this Government insist on stricter enforcement of this country's anti-cruelty laws for animals?

Among the many meaningless promises Tony Blair made to get elected, he promised he would phase out the battery farming of chickens.

These birds are kept in horrendous conditions.

I have seen photos of as many as seven birds in one small cell with their feet on wires.

They are never allowed to put their feet on firm, solid ground and have no space to spread their wings.

They are kept like this throughout their lives.

I wonder what sort of a person I wouldn't dignify them with the title of human being can lock up a battery hen in such a way at night, and then just go off to a comfortable bed.

While there they will be able to move their limbs at will.

Will they give a thought to the horror they have left behind?

Mr Blair should also endorse funding of additional shelters for homeless animals.

There is far too much animal cruelty going on in this country at the moment.

And remember, we are supposed to be animal lovers. That's a laugh.

If there are animal lovers out there, let's hear from you. Stand up and be counted.

Iris J Girling, Hope Close, SE12