I have to reply to the letter Vote To Put A Stop To Animal Cruelty (News Shopper, April 20), because there are many misconceptions about animal research.

All research establishments are licensed by law and the staff who work there take six years to become fully qualified.

Research workers have to justify their work to the Home Office and it is not easy to get the permission necessary for their research.

All establishments have an independent vet and a Home Office inspector can visit at any time.

Cases of animal cruelty are rare.

It is a sad fact many people do not give any thought to animal research.

For example, people quite happily give money to cancer research but millions of pounds are spent on animal experimentation in this area.

The hypocrisy is sickening.

It is for the public as a whole to decide whether this research continues, not the fanatical few.

Anyone who has never used medicines, never undergone any medical or fertility procedure or operation may be entitled to be against it. Such a person is probably unique!

No Government is ever likely to stop animal research but perhaps all research should be made public.

Why should people be allowed to remain in blissful ignorance of something they all benefit from?

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