ALL SET FOR MEETING: With the Hunting Bill recently coming into force there has never been a better time for finding the truth about foxes and whether they interact with badgers or not. The West Kent Badger Group is hosting a talk by Trevor Williams from The Fox Project charity on Saturday at Platt Village Hall, starting at 8pm. Everyone is welcome. Admission is just £1 for non-members. We would like to remind everyone there is currently a one-year trial under way of making wildlife crime a recordable offence. This means the level of wildlife crime will be known. Hopefully this will lead to more resources being given to bring the criminals involved to justice and at the same time protect wildlife. Wildlife crimes include badger baiting, cock fighting, the smuggling of endangered species for the pet trade and animal parts for food or medical purposes. Please report any wildlife crime to the police and obtain a crime number. If you would like to know more about badgers, or what the West Kent Badger Group does, please write to PO BOX 301, Gravesend, Kent DA12 9AB.


Media Liaison Officer

West Kent Badger Group

NO TO YES MEN: Regarding Greenwich Councillor Ismail Danesi's suspension because he dared to disagree with the rest of the council's views. Are we then to assume all councillors have to be yes men and have no opinions of their own? Having read the two articles involving Cllr Danesi, it reminds me of why I turned down becoming a Labour councillor in 1984. I felt becoming a councillor, would have meant me giving up my principles. Trying to make a difference in my ward would come to nothing and being suspended for not toeing the line would be an annual event. I resigned as local party chair and left the party to support the tenants movement in the borough. I have achieved more by not becoming a councillor and not having to deal with restrictions or Government policies.



NO RESPONSE: Regarding your report about Lewisham Council failing to answer phones (Calling For Council To Improve, News Shopper, April 6), how about letters? I have written to the Environmental Health Department to no avail and am still waiting for a reply from the department, which was recommended by Bridget Prentice MP. My letters are about a night worker whose dog has been fouling my door since last October. This dog mess is a serious problem for me because I am in my late 80s and picking it up is difficult.