I URGE readers to use their votes in the forthcoming General Election to help put a stop to animal cruelty.

Animals cannot vote, they cannot protest or lobby MPs and they cannot sue the Government for breaking the law.

In the recent case of the xenotransplantation experiments, leaked documents showed monkeys suffered severe illness and were found dead in their cages.

This is despite the law requiring experiments end as soon as animals experience significant pain.

The Government has so far refused to investigate this scandal further.

Before they came to power in 1997, the Labour party promised to reduce the number of animals used in experiments.

They also promised to tackle the terrible suffering caused by factory farming.

But eight years later, official figures show 150,000 more animals are being experimented on annually.

And very little has been done to tackle the cruel methods used for intensive farming.

By showing votes are won and lost on animal issues, we can make sure politicians start taking cruelty to animals seriously and keep their promises.

You can easily lobby your candidates and find out which person you should vote for to help animals.

Write to the Protecting Animals in Democracy campaign, 9 Bailey Lane, Sheffield, S1 4EG.

You can also call 0114 2722220 or visit their website at vote4animals.org.uk


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