I have a large garden where I grow my own vegetables and herbs. Increasingly over the past 15 years I have had an ongoing battle with the damage foxes have caused.

Each day I have to spend time repairing damage to my garden which foxes have caused during the night.

I love animals and, like most people, abhor cruelty to them. I have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years.

Although I have tried to make it difficult for foxes to get into my garden, so far all the measures I have tried have not worked.

I was alarmed by the recent story of a fox attacking an infant. It underlines the fact urban foxes are not living in ideal conditions with regard to their welfare.

The lifestyle town foxes have seems very poor to me.

They are frequently killed on roads, do not look healthy and much of the food they seem to consume from scavenging is itself of very low grade and possibly contaminated.

The conclusion I am coming to is some humane system of discouraging the increase in the urban fox population is something many councils will have to consider soon.

Perhaps it could be sterilisation by baiting. I am not happy with any system of culling.

I would be interested to know from your readers what measures, if any, they have taken to prevent damage to gardens caused by foxes.

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