SAME OLD STORIES: Here we go again, same old silly stories about the poor fox, now accused of ripping off a cat's head.

What absolute rubbish. It is highly unlikely a fox will attack a cat unless it was cornered by or attacked first by the cat. The fox is usually afraid of the cat. The fox will obviously kill a rabbit in the way a cat will kill a rat or mouse, this is quite natural. Long live the fox we are lucky to have this wildlife around us. The fox hailers should think again about killing our wild animals, life would be very empty without them. Joan Gregory's letter last week gets to the point. Nature will prevail, long live wild animals.
Mr W D Leman, Bexley

MAKE WISH COME TRUE: I would like to appeal for the return of a wishing well which was stolen from our front garden on November 25/26, it is of little monetary value, being made of plain brown wood about 2ft 6in tall, but it was an 80th birthday present from me to my mother. As she is now disabled, one of her few pleasures is admiring the garden and she took great delight in this well, which was hard to come by. I wonder if the thief will also take such delight at having become a petty criminal. If any reader notice a newly acquired well of the above description, they will know it has strayed from its rightful home.
Miss D Clarke, Erith