I agree with Mrs Harris (Hunt Foxes In Towns, News Shopper, November 24) and can understand how she is feeling.

I have experienced something similar.

Last June, when we where on holiday, our seven-month-old rabbit died due to the hot weather we had.

My mum promised to get another rabbit and so we did in January this year.

A fox crept up on our rabbit but luckily we saw it in time.

The fox escaped but left Smudge, our rabbit, scared out of its wits.

My mum managed to calm him down and he was OK.

Smudge was again attacked while we were on holiday and not around to protect him.

This time the fox got Smudge in his mouth.

There were no marks on Smudge but he had a heart attack.

After this, we didn't get a replacement.

I really hate foxes now and I'm sure anyone would if they had actually witnessed this kind of thing happen.

The only thing foxes are capable of is murder and draining happy lives to exchange them with misery.

Caroline Larkins Petts Wood