I have read the article on the front of News Shopper about Bobbie Harris losing his pets to Foxes (News Shopper, November 24).

I also tried last year to get some response from the council having lost shoes from my door step, had numerous piles of droppings all over my property and the last straw (I thought) having my motorbike seat bitten into while the foxes ripped the cover off my bike to get the already chewed saddle bags.

As I said, I thought this was the last straw, until my husband's borrowed, brand new Triumph Speed Triple 1000, also had its seat bitten.

This all on the back of previous articles about foxes entering homes and growling at residents.

My choices were trap them in baited cages and have each cage taken away once filled. But how long would that take?

Or I could bait an area for a couple of weeks then have a marksman in my house for an evening and have them all shot. Though I was told I "mustn't tell anyone", or the neighbours would be disgusted with me.

Either option had a cost to me of a few hundred pounds and this after we had already spent money repairing the motorbikes.

While I wouldn't advocate fox hunting and wouldn't like to think this letter was trying to do so, I am sick of the council spokespeople advising me to remove the food source there is no food source on my property though this doesn't stop the foxes peering through my doors.

One last word to Ali Harris don't bother getting a dog. It'll only catch the mange from the foxes.

Any other ideas?

Carol Morrison Email address supplied