Here you go again isn't it about time you changed the record?

Last year News Shopper ran similar stories on foxes and fox-hunting and were inundated with letters from pro and anti-hunt readers.

With regard to people losing pets to foxes; if we want to keep animals as pets then we are responsible for their safety and welfare.

The only reason foxes come into our gardens at all is because we have taken away their natural habitat.

They are only looking for food for their families just as we do.

It is not fun for them but a necessity how are they to know the difference between a family pet and a wild animal?

I am no better myself. I lost two rabbits to foxes many years ago in a similar way. I didn't blame the fox, I blamed myself for not having my animals in secure and safe accommodation. I have never forgiven myself.

I don't think teaching our children killing an animal is the answer where would it all end?

Let's look after our pets, lock them up safe and warm at night or make sure their accommodation is fox-proof during the day.

This is our responsibility towards our pets.

Jan Yarker, Address supplied