I am a qualified veterinary nurse and cannot believe the views of these narrow-minded people.

If you keep a rabbit or guinea pig in a hutch in your garden it is your responsibility to make it secure both from predators like foxes and from the animal escaping.

Foxes are not aggressive, and will only kill for food.

As for a fox "ripping" off a cat's head I find that very hard to believe.

It would probably have been a dog which attacked the cat.

One of my cats was ripped to shreds by a dog with an irresponsible owner, I didn't for a second think it could have been a fox.

Do these people really believe bringing a hunt through our streets would help? It would be a good way of killing a lot of pet cats, as those dogs are trained to kill.

As for poisoning the urban fox perhaps people should consider who and what would also be poisoned; pet cats, dogs, hedgehogs and even children.

If we didn't discard food and rubbish the foxes would not have such a good food source and would not be thriving within our community.

Angela Thacker Email address supplied