FOR some reason I believed at letter which arrived last year from Downing Street promising me fireworks were to be much less noisy this year.

Perhaps this year I will write a letter about flying pigs or the tooth fairy.

Then I might get a letter back assuring me these things will also happen.

How can people campaign for the abolition of fox-hunting when night after night domestic animals are terrified by huge bangs, flashes and screeches?

And for what? To celebrate someone trying to blow up Parliament.

At this moment, when I am watching my dog, crated for the safety of the house, rip her paws, hurt her nose and have a look of terror on her face, I would love to blow up the houses of Parliament.

Town people self-righteously complain about country people who hunt foxes.

However, once again the people of Upper Belvedere have really excelled themselves. I must congratulate all the peope who purchased the noisiest possible fireworks imaginable.

Yes, once again you have succeeded in terrifying numerous domestic animals and, most probably, our urban foxes.

Noise reduction, what noise reduction?

Sheila Nunn, Belvedere