It is becoming more and more vital for a sensible fox policy to be implemented by all of the London boroughs.

According to an MP, urban foxes are being collected from towns and cities and dumped in rural Wales where the foxes are savaging farm animals and pets.

The MP is to table commons questions to environmental secretary Margaret Beckett asking what evidence she has of the practice and what could be done to stop it.

A van in a motorway car park was found to be full of urban foxes. The driver said the animals were being taken to a remote part of the country where the animals would do no harm. But of course they will do harm.

Farmers have shot far more foxes than normal and local people ask how would the town people like to come down in the morning and find their pets in a bloody mess on their front lawns? Sadly, the answer is it already happens in suburbia and this is why foxes are either relocated or killed.

Somehow the ignorance of these town dwellers and do-gooders has got to be dispelled.

However, it is the fox who suffers most of all, because of its excessive numbers it is being trapped and killed by cowboy operators in suburbia and as a result, endures a lot of suffering.

Yes, a sensible fox policy is long overdue.

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