SO MR W D Leman (Letters, September 22) caught the scent and closed in for the kill but once again failed miserably to achieve his objective.

He says I am a fox hater and I should listen to the experts.

Like him I am an animal lover, belong to many societies including the RSPB and have several bird feeders in my garden.

However, there are now many problems caused by the excessive suburban fox population which cannot be ignored and a lot of which are caused by fox-feeders/tamers.

An area which used to house only one fox can now accommodate up to eight where people are feeders.

I have a lot of time for the wild fox and it annoys me to read of bad publicity which arises from the behaviour of fox-feeders/tamers.

Also, I feel sorry for some of the foxes who are now being culled by "cowboys" and caused untold suffering.

The wild fox is universally recognised as an opportunistic vicious killer.

It sees any pet which is either old or off-colour as fair game.

I did listen to the experts but quickly found these were obsessive fox lovers.

I then started doing my own research, including communicating with learned professors as far away as Australia.

I am more entitled to call myself a fox expert than some so-called experts.

If Mr Leman cares to contact me then I am sure I can help him to really understand the causes of the existing problems and to change his damaging ways for the benefit of the fox.

Doug Walters
Halfway Street