Lynn Sparks letter (October 6, 2004) epitomises perfectly the humbug of the anti-hunting league.

Apparently, it is wrong to use dogs to hunt but ok for her to encourage foxes into her garden to get rid of rats.

What does she suppose the foxes do? Escort the rats to the boundary and serve them with eviction notices?

One wonders how people like Ms Sparks, who appear to have learnt their natural history from Walt Disney, believe foxes normally die.

Well I can assure her they do not die in bed surrounded by tender loving care?

They die, for the most part, slow, long, lingering deaths because they have a thorn in their paw and cannot hunt.

Or they have been seriously injured in a fight over a mate. Sometimes they freeze to death in winter because they have not been able to put on enough fat during the autumn months.

Those who die quickly, torn to bits by one of their natural predators, hounds, are the lucky ones.

The UK is rapidly becoming a lunatic asylum.

A surgeon can tear an unborn child to bits and be paid for it, but set a dog on a fox and you go to prison.

Who was it said: "Whom the gods wish to destroy they first send mad."?

Graham Moorhouse
Shepherds Lane