Surely Mr Gillies' letter regarding fox-hunting (News Shopper, October 6) is some kind of joke?

I must ask him if he read the letter back to himself before sending it? My favourite quote is: "Foxes are killers who kill for the joy of it, not because they are hungry."

I would like to ask him when was the last time he heard of a fox-hunter tucking into a tasty meal of fox stew?

His level of hypocrisy is astounding.

He also believes hunting is the most "efficient" way of controlling the fox population. Efficient? Dozens of people on horseback running around after one small fox? Hardly an exemplar of the division of labour principle.

I live in Beckenham in an area populated by many foxes and, yes, they do sometimes make a nuisance of themselves.

This is something I can put up with. I would, however, reluctantly accept, in some circumstances, suitable methods of population control should be investigated (both in cities and rural areas).

But the thought of watching (and taking enjoyment from) the sight of a fox being ripped apart by hounds makes me feel physically sick.

Mr Gillies seems to be of the opinion it is OK to hunt foxes as they themselves kill for enjoyment (like many other animals do). As a human race, are we so spiteful and do we believe we are so superior we can really justify fox-hunting in this way?

Sarah Niven
Sheridan Way