In response to the letter by WR Jeavons (News Shopper, September 29).

I cannot believe this person thinks the British public are so gullible as to think by one dog giving a fox "a quick shake" it would be dead.

In reality, one dog pulls the fox down and then the rest of the pack tear it apart while it is still alive. This act is done in the name of sport.

If the fox manages to go to ground, the diggers are sent in to dig the fox out and it is then thrown to the dogs who, once again, rip it to pieces while still alive.

May I also point out that during the foot and mouth crisis, there was no fox hunting and the fox population did not increase because they are managed by territory and the amount of food available. So fox hunting is not only very cruel but a complete waste of time.

If I see people breaking the law when the ban comes into effect, I will not hesitate to report them to the police immediately.

Robert K Jury Dartford