I totally agree with Mr Leman's letter about the joy of seeing foxes and other such animals in the garden. (News Shopper, September 22).

During one sleepless night recently I noticed my security light kept switching on. The reason, a family of foxes, male and female, with two cubs walking round my garden.

I presume the cubs were being taught to hunt. Even David Attenborough would have had difficulty in getting better pictures.

If, and it rarely happens, any fox gets out of order, my cat puts it in its place! I dare say the anti-fox league would like to get rid of cats also.

Regarding the recent outrage of pro-fox hunting enthusiasts in London, the answer is simple.

Set the police dogs on them and let them see what its like to be hounded and killed.

Long live nature.

R J Haxell Bexleyheath