WITH regard to the comments in the past few issues of the News Shopper about people leaving flowers at fatal accident scenes.

I am the mother of Gemma Rolfe, who was killed at Slade Green Road.

Have any of these people had someone walk out of the door, say "see you later, mum" and not come back?

My daughter died in a hit-and-run. Not only have I and Gemma's family got to deal with the fact she is gone but also the fact nobody has been held responsible for what happened.

I will always lay flowers on May 19 at the scene where my daughter was killed.

My daughter did not die in a hospital bed where I could be with her, so if by laying flowers where she died gives her family some small comfort, we will carry on doing so.

We do not lay flowers on birthdays and Christmas, we go to her garden, as we do every Saturday, but on May 19 that is where I and her family and friends need to go.

I have since found out the council no longer removes dead flowers from scenes and when that was realised a very good friend went and cleared them away.

Please try to understand what people go through when their life is ripped apart.

Please do not judge them for wanting to be at the place their loved one died.

Instead of complaining about people trying to deal with their grief in the only way then can, why not put that energy into campaigning for stiffer sentencing for the people who cause the accidents in the first place.

Janet-Ann Ford, Wharfside Close, Erith