Here we go again, same old rubbish written by Doug Walters from Sidcup, the local fox hater.

He is now telling us not to feed the lovely and harmless foxes because they attack humans and even eat babies.

What a complete idiot. Just ask any expert on this subject. Do not believe these lies.

Let me inform you I feed all wild animals and birds inside and outside my garden, simply because I love them and enjoy their company. I do not try to tame them.

You state that a fox is classified as a pest, what about the grey squirrel? Dozens come and feed in my garden every day, they do destroy my lawns and flowerbeds, yet I still feed them because I love them all.

Perhaps, to please Mr Walters, we should destroy all wildlife!

You also state a fox can be dangerous if accidentally cornered. How can anyone accidentally corner an animal? What on earth does Mr Walters mean?

Mr W D Leman