I WRITE regarding Mrs Reynold's experience (News Shopper, August 17).

Foxes entering houses and stealing shoes and handbags is surprisingly common at this time of the year, when fox cubs have reached five months of age, are still naive, curious and playful, and have yet to learn human beings can be extremely dangerous animals!

I recommend letting the foxes know that entering human habitation is a foolish activity, by chasing them off, squirting water at them and generally educating them not to get too close to humans.

Such an education may well improve their chances of survival when they disperse (usually September) under pressure from their parents.

As for diseases, there is no medical record of foxes transmitting diseases to human beings.

If foxes have climbed onto kitchen surfaces, wiping them down and using a normal household anti-bacterial spray will be a sufficient precaution, as one would do for a domestic cat indulging in the same behaviour.

John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, 23 Tormount Road, Plumstead, London SE18 1QD