Last night I sat in my living room and heard a strange noise. On investigating, I discovered a fox in my kitchen.

It had wandered into the dining room and then the kitchen, through the French doors.

Having helped itself to my husband's shoe it had come back for one of mine.

This is a regular occurence in our house my son found one curled up in an upstairs bedroom.

Added to this, they helped themselves to a mobile phone, which was on top of my fridge and my handbag. These being dragged up the garden and chewed.

I am not anti foxes, in fact, I think they are beautiful creatures. I just want someone to tell me how I can have doors or windows open in the summer without confronting foxes roaming my house.

To say they are bold is an understatement. I thought it was funny at first but now I'm becoming worried food surfaces may become contaminated with whatever disease they are carrying. Any suggestions?

Mrs E Reynolds Izane Road Bexleyheath