Last December I wrote to the News Shopper exasperated with the legacy left us by the outgoing police borough commander.

I asked the incoming commander to do something about it, especially at Chislehurst, where I live. The letter was not aimed at the police officers on the ground, as they do not make policy.

A few days after the letter was published I received an invitation to meet new borough commander Chief Superintendent David Dillnutt, who I must say, is a breath of fresh air.

He has the needs of the people at heart and although he has little control over policies like police numbers and budgets, he assured me he would use all his resources to make life uncomfortable for the criminal elements.

He said he intends to reinforce this by taking a pro-active stance with police presence on the borough's streets.

A vigorous police presence may make those who conduct anti-social behaviour think twice. I believe David Dillnutt wants to make a difference. He also lives in the borough.

We should write to councillors, MPs, the Home Secretary, and the MPA demanding resources for people like David Dillnutt

M G Pinchen