I AM writing in regards to banning the hunting of animals with dogs.

The Advertising Standards Authority recently found the Countryside Alliance had misled people with posters claiming 59 per cent of people opposed a ban.

They also found NOP, who did the poll for the alliance, failed to ask objective questions of respondents.

The last objective poll, by MORI in November last year, found 76 per cent of the population want hunting with dogs to be made illegal.

The majority of the population and elected MP's have wanted this for many years.

However, the Government has still not allowed the matter to be resolved, despite its consistent promises and assurances.

Could readers please write to their MP's and the Government asking that the last bill which was overwhelmingly supported by the elected house be re-introduced immediately.

Our country needs to put this activity into the past where it belongs with similar so-called sports such as dog fighting, badger baiting and cockfighting.

R Roach
Address supplied