Blame big bird

- In answer to B Lawton's letter (News Shopper, January 16) we too have noticed the lack of small birds in our garden. During the summer, when we spend more time in our garden and allotment, we notice how quiet it is in the sky, trees and hedges. In the winter, our bird feeder is still full of nuts, where before it would be empty in a day. We think the cause is larger birds like magpies and rooks. We noticed nests in the hedges and blackbirds screaming at magpies which were after their eggs. Years ago, magpies were heath dwellers. Now they hop around our garden waiting for our dog to finish her meal so they can pick at what is left.

Mrs A Abbey

Marcet Road


Correct quote

- Re: article Page 3, January 30 edition relating to the town council's council tax. From my notes of the meeting, the last quote in your article attributed to Councillor Hogg should have been attributed to Councillor Chapman. I do not want to comment on statements made by councillors but my record of the meeting and statement by Councillor Hogg was, it was appropriate at this time to invest in the council's facilities to maintain income and to provide additional opportunities for people something this council has done over the years.

Brian Daley

Town Clerk

Swanley Town Council

No punishment

- If anyone is still not aware of who is to blame for the crime we are forced to live with, then look no further than the News Shopper of January 16. There you will find a report about identical twin brothers who are persistent thieves. What is done about them? The magistrates have nothing but praise for them. What good citizens they are no prison for them. As a parting shot, one magistrate tells them "good luck in anything you decide to do". I say no more and rest my case.

H Townsend

Park Road


It's cool idea

- Regarding Mrs C Hunt's letter Building an Ice Rink, (News Shopper, January 30). I was ice marshall at Bluewater's Christmas ice rink two years ago. People from all areas were interested in it; parents even left their children with me while they shopped. So why not build one rink at Bluewater? It must be a money spinner for someone.

Mr K Gibbins

Ediva Road