RE: ANIMAL fur (He Says/She Says, February 18).

I simply cannot understand why we need to kill any animal simply to use its fur.

It is not as if we have no alternative to it. Man-made materials, especially fake fur, look just as good, if not better, than animal fur, and can be worn with pride in the knowledge no harm as been done to a living creature in the process of manufacturing the item.

It speaks volumes about the type of personality that feels no shame in wearing animal fur, knowing the cruelty involved in this practice.

Are these so-called models and celebrities really people we could look up to and learn from? I think not.

They are sad and shallow people working in a false and sycophantic world where genuine values count for very little.

I do not think we can expect any better from this type of person. Thank God we are not the same.

What a horrible world it would be otherwise.

Linda Orme Email address supplied