I HAVE been left absolutely incensed by the report, Dead of Neglect (News Shopper, January 21).

Ann Pearson is one of many, unfortunately, who feel they have the right to abuse animals.

However, I feel even more angry with those who are there to make judgments and hand out quite ineffectual punishments.

A two-month conditional discharge, an order not to keep animals for two years and costs of £625 this was ludicrous.

Early last year, a Marylebone court delivered a similarly laughable judgment to an American, a self-styled dog trainer who had a long history of many years of persistent cruelty to dogs.

Was he deported? No. He lives in freedom with his wife, who owns a dog.

In the summer of 2003, I called News Shopper about a young school-age thug who deliberately broke a goose's neck in New Barn Park.

You published the story but only after police contacted you.

It is very likely all the above persons and others like them are so totally inadequate as people, bereft of normal emotions and behaviour, they take out their need to control on animals, who are unable to defend themselves.

No doubt, if those animals were in a position to defend themselves, they would probably be destroyed, by the order of a court.

Where is the justice in that? When are we going to have logical and fair judgments and punishments to fit the crimes?

People like Ann Pearson should have a lifetime ban on keeping any animal imposed on them and an order to prevent them being in the vicinity of any animal.

Mrs Rawlings, Seven Acres, Crockenhill