LIKE Carole Runcorn (Letters, November 26) I find it disgusting so many people want to kill foxes,one reason being they dig up their garden bulbs. How pathetic.

Perhaps if these sad people took their blinkers off and started to watch these lovely creatures they would realise how entertaining they are.

I would love to see a fox or even hear one in my garden. But I have not done so in a long time, thanks to all you people over the last few years shouting: "Kill, kill, kill".

At one time I was lucky enough to have regular visits from 10 foxes at the same time, and in daylight. Yes, I have fed them, some from babies to adulthood. My neighbours and I saw at least three generations of foxes from the same fox.

Then overnight my little friends were gone but I do have lovely memories and photographs of them, which I took no more than 3ft away from them over a six-year period.

Perhaps fox haters would care to read My Year with the Foxes by Gunther Schuman, who swayed the fox hunters in his country not to kill them and what he wrote could have been me in my garden.

Perhaps you haters should also read the passage in the Bible: "Live side by side with the animals".

P Hibbard, Cloudesley Road, Slade Green