I FEEL sorry for L Parrott (Letters, October 15) who seems to hope it is the child or grandchild of a “fox-feeding idiot” or an “animal rights fool” who will be killed first by the “vermin” they do not understand.

He wishes all of us in the animal welfare sector, not animal rights, would offer advice about deterrence.

How about this then. The Fox Project, in Tonbridge, can be called on 01732 367397 and its advice lines are 0906 272 4411 for deterrence and how to stop foxes entering your garden and 0906 272 4422 for advice on the treatment of mange.

The National Fox Welfare Society can be called on 01933 411996 and its website can be visited at www.nfws.org.uk The Fox Project and the NFWS have 24-hour volunteers manning phones and others who will attend any fox in need throughout Kent and London.

I would be interested to learn what L Parrott has to say about deterring the human vermin which wander our streets, dropping remnants of junk food onto the pavement.

Maybe this is the real cause of so many urban foxes entering our towns now — a quick, plentiful and varied diet just lying there on the ground.

So, L Parrott, do some research before you go for the kill on foxes and the people who work in their defence.

As for wishing any child any harm, I think as people with a strong affection and compassion for animals, the same feelings are felt for any child.

L Parrott seems to want to put some children at a more life-preserving level than others on his or her priorities.

This is something I hope most people will disagree with.

Mark Johnson, North Kent Animal Welfare, Abbotsfield, Singlewell