Re: Vicious Fox in Pet Attack (News Shopper, October 8). How “gutter” can you get? You must have had a serious depletion of news items to have made this your front page story.

How does knowing the ages of the humans involved have any relevance to the main point of the story?

Your article was headed with highly-emotive phrases — “locked in the jaws of death” and “clamping its jaws” being two examples.

If you lay a lamb in the path of a lion, what would you expect the lion to do? If Pat Hooper is such a caring, responsible pet owner, why does she keep her dogs on the patio all night?

From a health point of view, it is not advisable, especially in winter months. A frail, 16-year-old partially-sighted dog should be treated with far more consideration.

Soon there is likely to be quite a few red-coated individuals on horse back with time on their hands.

Perhaps Dartford Council could employ them usefully in the Beech Road area.

Mrs M A Williams Dartford