I WAS shocked you could write such an abysmal and uncorroborated story on the front of the October 1 News Shopper.

The person complaining had no evidence a fox had attacked her cat — it was pure assumption. In my experience most foxes run away from cats and most felines can protect themselves against a fox.

The idea of allowing hunting in towns is just risible. Foxes flourish in our cites and their populations will only expand as far as there is food or territory available. For most people they are a welcome and attractive addition to our lives.

The sheer ignorance of people beggars belief. Foxes are wild animals and should be treated with caution and respect, but are not dangerous.

If cornered or threatened they will retaliate to protect themselves and their young. We have nothing to fear from a fox, which will be far more frightened of humans than we are of them.

Please publish a more balanced viewpoint to undo the damage caused. By printing this story you contributed to hysteria and ignorance.

Mary Shephard Beckenham