I HAVE never written to your newspaper before but felt I had to comment on your irresponsible reporting in the edition of October 1 regarding foxes.

You seem to be obsessed in eradicating foxes from the face of the earth.

I have never heard of a more ridiculous suggestion than hunting on the streets and am dismayed you should feel it appropriate to plaster this on the front page.

While I have every sympathy for the family mentioned, I could see no evidence anyone had actually witnessed foxes committing these “crimes”.

Will you run similar headlines on the front page when domestic pets have been accidentally poisoned or trapped by other irresponsible people putting such things in their gardens?

I cannot recall any incidents of children being attacked by foxes. However, there are numerous instances of them being attacked by dogs. Are you suggesting that all dogs should be destroyed as well?

Having owned a cat for 18 years and never having experienced any problems whatsoever, I think you are just frightening people unnecessarily. Can you not find a more worthwhile campaign?

Mrs S Sheldrick Rolleston Avenue Petts Wood