What an excellent comment by Linda Piper on the problems currently being caused by the urban fox, which is officially classified as a pest (News Shopper, July 16).

It is based on firm, proven facts. She has written what the majority of people have been saying for a long time.

Most of the blame for the explosion in fox numbers must be fairly apportioned to organisations and fox lovers who blatantly interfere with basic ecology.

Historically, the London boroughs were duped into ending culling and, instead, relying on relocation and the use of deterrent chemicals.

Fox relocation, while being legal, is seldom used. Chemical deterrents do nothing to reduce their numbers and even the National Fox Welfare Society said: “It will not make them stay out of your garden. To do this is virtually impossible without investing both considerable time and expense.” It’s time to reintroduce culling since, sadly, it is now urgently required.

Doug Walters Halfway Street Sidcup