I have lived in Bexleyheath for eight years and, in my experience, it has not been unusual for foxes to attempt to enter my home.

Each year brings a new set of cubs and an understandably hungry mother.

For five out of those eight years, I have had to watch my windows and doors, as the vixen, tempted by the smell of food, has tried to enter the house.

On one occasion, my son was keeping his newborn baby guinea pigs in a large open box on the living room floor.

A fox simply walked through the house and took one. Attracted by the distraught squeals of the guinea pigs, we rushed over and were just in time to prevent the abduction of another.

Foxes may be cute as cubs but they are relentless predators which are very persistent if they perceive something as a source of food.

People feeding foxes certainly encourage this sort of behaviour.

I do not believe the incident you have described (News Shopper, July 16) to be particularly unusual or isolated. People probably just do not bother to report most of them.

D Griffith Standard Road Bexleyheath