IN reply to your letter from Mr and Mrs Lee of Brampton Road, and Linda Piper in Any Comments, regarding the culling of foxes because of possible attacks on cats.

Three months ago I had nine goldfish in my pond. I now have one left.

I know they have been attacked by cats, because cats chew the heads off and leave the fish on the side of the pond, whereas foxes and herons would take them away and eat them, as they do it to feed their families and not just for fun.

My garden is always polluted by cat poo but I must admit my 20-year-old fish were killed because I filled the pond too full because the weather was warm.

I would point out I have now put wire over the pond, and I suggest you bring your cats in at night, to protect your pets.

The domestic cat is the biggest predator of wildlife in the British Isles.

Do Mr and Mrs Lee and Miss Piper suggest we cull domestic cats?

I would also like to point out I have seen domestic cats fight off Alsatian dogs — never mind poor little foxes.

One other point I would like to mention is the biggest killer of domestic cats is the motorist — praise God no-one will talk about culling motorists next.

By the way, I am not a cat hater.

I just try to live and let live, bearing in mind it is a cruel world, where someone or something is getting killed every day.

Dave White South Gipsy Road Welling