I FEEL I must write after reading Carole Runcorn’s letter in this week’s News Shopper.

I too love foxes but we now have to leave our cat indoors when we are out due to a fox going for her three times this summer.

The worst time was when I was in my bathroom with the window open.

I heard my cat give out an awful noise and when I looked out of the window she was running for her life towards the house with a fox almost at her tail.

I did not know I could scream so loudly, the fox turned and began to walk away. However, by the time I got down the stairs he was coming back for her.

I hate to think what would have happened if I had been out that day or sitting at the front of the house.

Twice more the fox went for her — and one of these occasions was when I was in the garden. He is not afraid and comes right up to the house and just looks at us if we shoo him away.

I say he, but it could be a she, as it now plays at the bottom of our garden on the railway embankment with two cubs.

Yes they are cute to watch but now, after 14 years of lying out in her garden in the summer, my cat has to spend hot days indoors and can only go out when we are in. The foxes also are a pest at night as they make a horrible noise out at the front. These are not fairy stories made up by people who do not like foxes.

On one occasion we saw a fox trotting down our road with a leg of lamb in its mouth.

How would you feel if you walked into your kitchen and found a fox helping himself to your Sunday dinner?

Margaret Parmenter Glenhurst Avenue Bexley