Imagine my horror when I had invited the parents of a Japanese student staying with me and we were all bitten by fleas!

I do not have a dog or cat, so, where were these fleas coming from? Answer: from my garden shed — it was found to be alive with fleas — and I had been bringing them into the house each time I fetched a trowel or mowed the lawn.

In spite of my having done my best to prevent it by blocking up all the holes underneath the shed, a vixen dug her way in and chose to have her five fox cubs there.

Bexley’s de-infestation officer explained once the cubs had all grown up and left, the area there was no host for their fleas — except me!

Please do not feed our urban foxes. And can anyone tell me how to make the shed secure against in the spring?

L Williams Church Ave Sidcup